Moonlight Love Affair

There is a tantalizing connection with the night…

How the stars loom high above you, seemingly within reach, but beyond our wildest perceptions. How the world sits quiet for just a moment.

The night brings a certain peace, lust, wonder. Nightdreaming about who else is out there, sharing your love affair.

I don’t fear the dark, when the moon dominates the space and my windows are flooded with sparkling light.

We fall for the night, because it holds so much mystery and so much creativity. Love is illuminated by the midnight hours, leaving you feeling the briefest moment of serenity. Being out under the stars, with your closest friends and strangers, sharing your youth amidst all of the empty city streets. Wandering about in your pack, running into no other than the humans beside you. Moonlight leaves you feeling the power of your happiness; of your infinite freedom.

The chance to bathe in the vast possibilities of your mind, allowing your imagination to indulge in all of your aspirations.

It’s not until we finally succumb to the slumber, that the midnight love affair ends. And reality begins again.


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